Eye-catching studies that didn't make the final cut:

The mere sight of other people's disease symptoms causes your immune system to brace itself.

Mental disorders are brain disorders: You think?

Alcohol misuse and functional impairment in the UK Armed Forces: A population-based study.

Top-down influences on colour-flavour interactions: '...when presented with a brown drink, the majority of British participants (70%) associated that color with a “cola” flavor (and 0% with a “grape” flavor), whereas half of the Taiwanese participants (49%) associated that same color with a “grape” flavor instead (and 0% with a “cola” flavor).'

How the two hemispheres job share during dual-task conditions. [Check out the report on this study over at Not Exactly Rocket Science].

Neighborhood context and the development of aggression in boys and girls.

"You" and "I" need to talk about "us": Linguistic patterns in marital interactions.

Contemplating the future helps us pleasure delay - postponing immediate gratification in favour of a bigger reward later. [Check out the report on this study over at Frontal Cortex].

And finally ... did you know there's a journal of NeuroQuantology - covering neuroscience and quantum physics?
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