Eye-catching studies that didn't make the final cut:

Why pop-up ads on the computer don't work and just annoy.

Do people use reverse psychology in everyday life?

Brief and rare mental “breaks” keep you focused.

Men say they're less likely to use aggression towards women than men, regardless of whether that woman is an intimate partner or a friend. In contrast, women say they're more likely to use aggression against a male intimate partner, than either a male or female friend. 'We argued that men’s aggression towards women is lowered because of strong social norms in the West which prohibit male aggression towards women,' lead author Kate Cross told me. 'Women are usually unlikely to use direct aggression, but they become relatively uninhibited about using aggression because of the intimate bond they have with a partner.'

Incorporation of another person's limb into body image relieves phantom limb pain: A case study.

Stress Strengthens Memory of First Impressions of Others' Positive Personality Traits.

Mending broken hearts with a throw of the dice.

It's easier to mentally rotate clockwise than anticlockwise.

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not . . . ” Uncertainty Can Increase Romantic Attraction.

'Unexpectedly, the analyses yielded an inverse gender gap with higher values for social dominance orientation in women than in men'. Evidence for gender stereotype reversal in a German sample.

Was he happy? Cultural difference in conceptions of Jesus.

Finally, here's one for Andy Gray and Richard Keys: Establishing and Challenging Masculinity: The Influence of Gendered Discourses in Organized Sport.
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